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“Come now, and let us
reason together, saith
the Lord: though your
sins be as scarlet, they
shall be white as a
snow; though they be
red as a crimson, they
shall be as wool.”

Sin Is The Captivity
If people would have
realized they are
bounded, they should
have cry for help. Sin
captivate souls and
build strongholds in
people life’s. “For all
have sinned, and come
short of the glory of

Once we sinned, we
leave a door-way for
demons to enter, and
thus expose our selves
to danger of being in
their bondage. For
example if you
fornicate or
masturbate, demons of
lust will possess you,
they will build a
strongholds in your life
and immorality will be
your habit. That’s why
people find it hard to
get rid of the habit.
Just like any other sins,
they are like a daily
routine in people’s life.
Some people give their
lives to Christ but they
find it difficult to quit
their habits. Whether
anger, jealousy,
stealing, back-biting,
lying, bitterness etc,
they will pull you like a
magnetic force untill
you repent and
surrender your life to
Jesus Christ.

“For the wages of sin
is death; but the gift of
God is eternal life
through Jesus Christ
Our Lord.” Rom.6:23.
Jesus Christ came to
die on the cross of
calvery that many
might be redeem and
have eternal life. It is
His will that all should
not perished but have
eternal life (JN.3:16)
But everytime we sin,
we put Him on the
cross and break His
Heart. Since our first
parents Adam&Eve has
sinned, we’ve been
given a chance while
still alive to decide
whom we want to
spend eternity with,
Jesus Christ of
Nazareth or Lucifer the
devil? To follow Jesus
Christ means to deny
oneself and carry one’s
cross(rejecting the
world and living in
holiness) which is the
narrow path, but the
reward is eternal life in
the kingdom of
Heaven. To choose
satan means to love
the world, pleasures of
the eye and flesh, sin
and disobedience, but
the reward is eternal
damnation in lake of

The worse thing is
that, satan rebelled
against God Almighty
because he wanted to
exalt himself above his
creator(Eze.28) he was
casted out of Heaven
(Rev.12:7) he then was
doomed to burn in the
lake of fire, having
short time, he decided
to recruits more
candidates (mankind)
to suffer with him. The
devil know eternity
more than anybody,
we humans have grace
and second chance
through Jesus Christ
while living here on
earth, but we are
playing with our grace
and ignoring God’s
word. when you die in
sin then hell is your
home, but satan has
none, he can give you
whatever you wanted
because he knows you
will not live longer in
this world more than
eternity, you will leave
all that you gain on
earth whether fame,
wealth, houses etc you
shall walk to hell naked
and regret forever.
That’s why he
dominated the world
through entertainment
industries, technology,
cultism, and
introducing seductive
dresses, promoting
fornications by
displaying them in
movies. He knows no
unholy shall see the
face of the Almighty

What shall you profit if
you gain the whole
world and lose your
soul? Many are
perishing in hell
because of choosing
the wrong path,
instead of Jesus Christ
of Nazareth who died
for them.
Because of disobeying
God, terrible
destructions shall befall
the face of earth, but
before that, the Lord
will take His Saints
Home, those who live
for Him and who obey
Him. Luke 21:27, those
who sinned and did
not repent shall not
escape the wrath of
God, and they too shall
be casted in the lake
that burned with fire
and brimstone.

The Lord Jesus Christ of
Nazareth is waiting
with open arm for
anyone who will
repent sincerely from
their heart, He’s ready
to forgive while there
is still time. “Watch ye
therefore, and pray
always, that ye may be
counted worthy to
escape all these things
that shall come to pass
and to stand before
the Son of Man.” Luke

There is hope for the
living! Where will you
be if death takes you
by suprise? Or when
the Lord returns?for
His coming is sooner
than later, this grace
period that we have is
to return back to the
Lord God with
repentance, humility
and full submission.


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